I couldn’t decide which version I liked the most but this solved my problem, haha.

(Use headphones!)

This is actually really cool.

I’m still loving’ that k- pop!!! :D


so i went to the apple store today and decided to help improve the aesthetic qualities of their products


Oh the joy…

of having family

of seeing your loved ones happy

of having a steady job

of eating good food

of making future plans for travel

…and school.

Ok, i thought I could make a long list, but I gots nothing else. :)

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Anonymous said: IM me on Yahoo Msngr it's important. my username is scothawketdd121143

what’s so important? I don’t have yahoo msngr

❤ languages …. Especially new ones!

I find that I enjoy learning new languages. As of lately, I’m learning Thai (with the anticipation of actually travelling there) and I got books to learn korean because I have a fascination with the tv series (Korean drama) and their culture (I plan to travel there as well). Oh and Kpop is my new favorite genre of music that I enjoy listening to as of lately.

Need to start applying to schools!!!!

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